Entrepreneur Speakers

  • Ajay Sood

    CEO, Kumar Exports

    In 1994, Ajay Sood, completely renivented his fathers tiny business, setup with 100 Rupees in 1952, into a major OEM manufacturer & exporter with targets of 200 Crores by 2017

  • Amit Mehra

    CMD, Medico Electrodes International Ltd.

    Amit Mehra, joined his father’s business “Hindustan Sales” and started out with manufacturing of Industrial Recording Papers in 1991 and further ventured into the manufacturing of Disposable ECG Electrodes in 2002 and today, Medico Electrodes is a global manufacturer of “Disposable ECG Electrodes” with target sales of 1 Billion ECG electrodes by 2020

  • Amitesh Singh

    CEO, Suman Forwarding Agency Pvt. Ltd.

    Amitesh's father started out in transportation, with a bullock cart, handing over running the business to his son. In less than a decade Amitesh, started the logistics division and grew the business to over 200 Crores.
  • Anil Vyas

    Director, Alice Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

    Anil Vyas and his partner, who worked for different pharmaceutical companies – turned buddies during the course of their work. A year later around December 2006, they green-lit, Alice Pharma from a small ofce with a modest staff of four. Spreading the business globally, they expanded to over 30 countries, with a ground presence in 9 countries.
  • Arun Prakash

    CEO, Genetix Biotech Asia Pvt. Ltd.

    Arun Prakash fulfilled his unrealized ambition of getting into the medical stream, by starting one of the first biotech based industries in India, and after a series of firsts, the business is now grown to hundreds of Crores.
  • Arun Ramani

    Managing Director, Ramani Ice Cream Co. Ltd.

    Arun Ramani's family started out with his grandfather running a modest ice cream shop. From slicing, scooping and washing dishes after the customers were done, to becoming the manufacturer of Top ‘N Town, the brand that encompasses the whole ice-cream eating experience and has 20,000 retail outlets, 205 distributors, 600 ice-cream parlors, making it a well known name in almost every household.
  • Arvind Agrawal

    Founder & CEO, AICL Communications Ltd.

    Arvind Agarwal, a charted accountant and a company secretary, an internship seller, a quiz masters assistant, a journalist and also a CFO by the age of 25, found and carved an enviable niche in the segment of investor and stakeholder-centric communication in under a decade of the existence of his firm AICL Communications with over 130 projects for the best known banks & companies in India and abroad.
  • Ashish Sheth

    Managing Director, SARJAK Container Lines Pvt. Ltd.

    As a first-generation entrepreneur Ashish Sheth, has made path-breaking strides in the segment of multimodal transport operators. Flagging off operations with an initial investment of 10,000 USD and driven by his astute business acumen, SARJAK - meaning ‘creator’ in Hindu mythology has succeeded in setting impressive global benchmarks and built a solid presence spanning 90 countries and 185 port cities, clocking a turnover of 440 crores this year.
  • Giriraj Maheswari

    Executive Director, Creative Polypack Limited

    Creative Polypack Limited is India's leading flexible packaging company with 8 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in strategically planned locations across the country and production capacity of over 26,400 MT per annum. Since its inception in 1986 at Kolkata, Creative Polypack caters to evolving flexible packaging needs of FMCG companies, both in India and overseas and has a turnover of over 400 crores.
  • Devaraya  Manjunath Sheregar

    CMD, Devu Tools Pvt. Ltd.

    Initiated as a trainee in a Mumbai based firm dealing in engineering tools, Devaraya Manjunath Sheregar, came from a village in Udipi. Opting to strike it out on his own with a loan of Rs.1,25,000 from a credit societ, he started Devu Tools Pvt. Ltd in 1993 in a 200 sq. feet with two employees. The company now has over 300 employees and a turnover of 200 crores.
  • Dhirendra Vora

    Founder, Advance Syntex Pvt. Ltd.

    Dhirendra Bhai, started in 1979 with a small holographic machine and learnt the intricacies of glitter powder manufacture and its applications. Today his firm has pioneered the usage of glitter powder on fabrics, glass bangles and over a 100 applications and is India's largest manufacturer and supplier of glitter powder.
  • Dr.Giridhar Thota

    Chief Executive Officer, Shodhana Laboratories Limited

    Dr. Thota's work with Dr. Reddys group, led him to entrepreneurship in the world of R&D and new molecules with Shodhana Laboratories Ltd. From an outstanding employee to a successful enterprenuer, his leadership saw the company morph into a stellar operation with 300 employees and grosses over 200 crores.
  • Hiral Desai

    Executive Director, Saurashtra Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd.

    Saurashtra Enviro Project setup in 2008, actively works towards the Conservation of ecology by reducing use of fossil fuel, generating power, revenue and sustainable projects. Front runners as they are, their project was shortlisted and awarded at Vibrant Gujarat 2009, as the Best Project and the company today has 350 employees and has crossed revenues of 100 crores.
  • Jyoti Garg

    Director, Garlico Industries Ltd.

    The hyper active entrepreneur in Jyoti, has ensured that her firm Garlico, is today a steady winner in the niche segment of dehydrated vegetables and spices. In just a decade, the firm savoured global success as a leading exporter and has fully captured the markets of Japan, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Brazil and Germany.
  • Manesh Agarwal

    Director, B. B. Foods (P) Ltd.

    Manesh has notched success as a potato grower, top processor, exporter of Frozen French Fries and allied products. His label ‘B.B. Fries’ is the flavour of ace international brands.The age-old idiom: ‘The chips are never down for him’ and for this entrepreneur, ‘the fries are never down’. Carving a niche for itself with Bankey Bihari Ji Foods Pvt. Ltd. – his Agra-based eco-friendly firm has emerged as a top line exporter of Frozen French Fries. Started in 2002, the company is making a name for itself while making a dash for a 100 crore topline.
  • Manisha Dhatrak

    Managing Director, Varun Agro Processing Foods Pvt. Ltd.

    Manisha is a first generation entrepreneur with a farming background, and known for turning a small scale factory producing tomato ketchup to the largest tomato processor catering to well-known brands in India. She is all for women as entreprenuers and empowering women in India, with women forming a majority of her 190 employees.
  • Niraj Desai

    Managing Director, NISH Techno Projects Pvt. Ltd.

    Niraj turned theories of maths, physics and electrical engineering into entrepreneurial opportunities. Formed in 2002, NISH Techno with 80 full time employees, is considered one of the most experienced organizations in the field of not just instrumentation, but automation and electrical solutions on EPC basis as well, having an average growth rate of about 50% for the last five years
  • Piyush Todi

    Director, Coast Liners Pvt. Ltd.

    As a child, Piyush, grew up fiddling with model trucks and trailers to now getting thrills from the recognition and spectacular acceptance that his firm is getting & steadily moving up as a pioneer in the genre of seamless surface transport solutions. Started in 2007, Coast Liners has an employee strength of 131 employees, 80 branches across India and steadily moving towards gross sales of 500 Crores by 2018.
  • Pratap Singh Gulabrao Deshmukh

    Chairman and Managing Director, Pratap Organics Pvt. Ltd.

    The originator of the famed Mosquito Brand Mosquito Coil, Deshmukh has displayed a steady and remarkable rise to the top, from poverty to prosperity and stunning detractors with his talent and tenacity. Born at Nandgoan, a small village in the Satara district of Maharashtra, his beginnings were uneventful. Pratap Organics was started by him in 1989 and over the years has built a reputation of being one of the major suppliers of speciality chemicals and drug intermediates across the globe. Once it gained entry into the European market in 1994, the firm is now supplying raw materials to the regulated markets in the US, UK, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
  • Pravin Patil

    Director, Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    MAHAFEED introduced a 100 % Water Soluble Fertilizer in solid form First Time in India in the year 1994. All their products are designed to suit today’s modern agriculture practices and they manufacture High Quality Micronutrient Mixture Fertilizer for Soil Applications & Liquid Form Micronutrient Mixture Fertilizer at their Dhule Plant. Strong Technical Expertise, has led MAHAFEED to achieve a status of reliable and quality supplier of Agro Inputs among all Progressive Farmers of India. They have over 2000 distributors, an employee strength of over 200 and gross sales of over 100 crores.
  • Rajesh Sharma

    Managing Director, LTC Commercial Co. Pvt. Ltd.

    Rajesh has made strides in the field of scientific warehousing, with his firm, starting by acquisition of a small warehouse on rent in March 2007, with a capacity of 50,000 MT., to having a footprint in over 18 states with more than 400 locations and a storage capacity of more than 20 lakh MT. With 440 employees the company under Rajesh's leadership is steadily moving towards an annual turnover of 100 Crores.
  • Rajiv Mitra

    Managing Director, Govind Milk and Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.

    Rajiv has been leading the transformation of Govind from a largely input driven company towards becoming a pan India and global brand. Govind has successfully catapulted itself as a major dairy brand in Western India. Rising from a meagre production of 2,000 litres per day from its pouch–packing unit of milk situated at Phaltan, Satara district, Maharashtra, Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. boasts of present sales of over 2 lakh litres per day. The company practices the best processing and procurement systems to process milk and produce milk products such as ghee, butter, shrikhand, amrakhand, lassi, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, paneer, yoghurt and ice creams. 55% of their Rupees 600 Crore revenue comes from milk and the rest from milk products. Govind has established its presence in Kolkata, Chandigarh and are in the process of opening up the South market, as well.
  • Sameer Kelkar

    Executive Director, Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    Sameer Kelkar, a silver medallist from IIT Mumbai and Post Graduate of University of California at Berkeley, joined Grind Master a firm started by his parents Mohini and Milind Kelkar in their rented garage, in 2010, initiating new key technologies such as Dynamic Balancing and Robotic Automation. He aims towards becoming a global, family-owned but professionally managed company and has successfully catapulted their firm as a global pioneer in the segments of micro finishing, robotic automation and abrasives. The company has emerged as an ace exporter to China, UK, US, Mexico, Middle East and Southeast Asia, selling over 4000 machines, worldwide, grossing over 150 crores, annually.
  • Sanjay Bahety

    Managing Director, I & B Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

    Starting out as a junior level staff in a knit wear company, Sanjay, entered the family-owned business manufacturing Hydraulic systems, as a partner in 1994, he soon picked up the nuances of the sector. Sanjay Bahety has elevated his much-awarded firm to rank among the notable players in the manufacture of conveyor systems and conveyor components. Their conveyors superbly carry forward the Company’s motto: ‘Let’s Convey Quality’ and living up to that maxim in full measure, Kolkata based, I & B Engineers Pvt. Ltd., has fortified its presence in the segment of conveyor systems, idlers, pulleys, conveyor accessories and structural fabrication with a vision of acheiving 200 Crores by 2020.
  • Sarita Sarvria

    Managing Director, Express Housekeeper Pvt. Ltd.

    A first-generation entrepreneur, who opted for the business road less taken, Sarita, kick-started a firm that has emerged as a pioneer in the segment of facility management services, initially having 10 trained housekeeping boys and a supervisor to now employing over 14,000 personnel and grossing 250 Crores in sales.
  • Sharath Chandra

    Co-Founder & Director, Altem Technologies (P) Ltd.

    The idea of Entrepreneurship took root in their minds on a long train journey, when Sharath along with his three friends thought of the immense potential of 3D printing industry, still in a nascent stage in India. Within a year, the four friends quit their regular 9 to 5 jobs in 2010 and started Altem Technologies in Bangalore. Altem is known for providing an entire ecosystem of solutions in the 3D printing technology space, encapsulated under one umbrella. The 5-year old company has seen tremendous growth across the country, making the technology accessible to small scale industries, education and medical institutions. Altem offers an entire gamut of services, creating specialized, individual solutions for each industry.
  • Srish Agrawal

    Founder & CEO, A1 Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Srish Agrawal, started a Cyber Café in old Kolkata at the young age of 21, went on to making a name in creative design & graphics and then graduating to animation. A1 Future is today, one of the Top 5 logo design companies in the world and has an enviable client list spread across 50 countries with over 150+ employees
  • Shukanto Ghosh

    Managing Director, Sparklet Engineers Private Limited

    The company started in 2000, in the uncharted territory of oil and gas exploration sector, bagged enviable success over the years thanks to their innovative product lines. Flagging off operations with the development and manufacture of oil field equipment and expanding the gamut of engineering options, Sparklet engineers, has emerged a winner in India, as a fast growing organisation, with 280 employees and moving towards an annual turnover of 200 Crores.
  • Smita Naram

    Founder & CMD, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt. Ltd.

    A renowned Ayurvedic physician, pharmaceutical herbalist and nutritionist, Smita Naram’s firm is an international pioneer in the space of holistic healthcare and cure of chronic illnesses. Green- lighting her practice in 1987, ‘Vaidya’ Smita Naram forged an inextricable bond with this stream of medicine, taking her skills later as a practitioner to Europe, America, Australia, Russia and New Zealand. A specialist of ‘Panchakarma’, the deep purication therapies of Ayurveda, Naram’s skills in food preparation and nutrition based on Ayurvedic principles have earned her an abiding following, the world over, with her firm Ayushakti growing 30% year-on-year since the last 10 years and employing 256 today
  • Sudhir Gupta

    Director, Advance Hydrau Tech Pvt. Ltd.

    Sudhir is a Chartered Accountant who chucked the boredom of Balance Sheets, to turn entrepreneur. Gupta’s innovative solutions are finding favour worldwide with his recycling and reprocessing machinery for scrap ranging from scrap metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) to the non-metal scrap segment encompassing plastics, paper scrap, fabrics, plastics, agro waste and used oil, among others. Starting with 500 sq ft of space and 1 lac rupees, today the company operates out of three factories covering 75000 sq. ft, manufacturing 300 machines a year and exporting to 68 countries. Employing 500 people toady, Advance Hydrau-tech is a unique example of Indian innovation making it big worldwide.
  • Umesh Kumar Sharma

    Chairman and Managing Director, Mantras Green Resources Limited

    Sharma came to Mumbai, taking up employment as a supervisor in a company and worked for 22 years, rising to Vice-President of that very firm! U. K. Sharma – Chairman and Managing Director of Mantras Green Resources Limited – chucked the family business of cast iron foundry, opting to start a green energy firm that has emerged a path-breaking leader in minimizing industrial pollution via innovative technologies. Mantras Green Resources Limited has carved an enviable niche for itself in the business of controlling industrial pollution via innovative technologies.
  • Vinod Kumar Dutt

    Managing Director, Chanakya Dairy Products Ltd.

    Fired with his mothers complains and an ambition of providing good quality milk to customers on a timely basis, Vinod Kumar Dutt, flagged off the milk business in 1995, as Hygenic Foods with a capaicty of 25,000 litres/day. It was in 2005 that he joined forces with M/s Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Ltd., to start Chanakya Dairy Products Ltd - setting up the plant at Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab. Aptly named ‘HF Super’- encompasses pasteurised milk, fermented products, pasteurised butter, pure desi ghee, skimmed milk powder and indigenous milk products such as flavoured milk and paneer, among others. Dutt stepped up production to two lakh fifty thousand litres/ day and within a time span of eight years, have grown to 400 employees and grossing over 300 Crores of turnover, apart from diversifying their delectable product portfolio.
  • Govindaraj Avasarala

    Head, Enterprise Mobility Products, VBS

    Mr. Govind is associated with Vodafone since September 2011 and now manages mobility, M2M and IoT products and innovations in enterprise mobility portfolios. His experience in the telecom, consulting, and Enterprise IT sectors makes him a well-rounded professional with better understanding of business needs of enterprise customer's, helping build customer friendly propositions. Mr. Govind holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications from NIT, Warangal and PGDM from IIM, Ahmedabad.